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"Boo! Greedy Kid" is our next game! It's a little arcade game in which you control a bad kid scaring retirees to get their money.

You can scare them  with your own voice! (but this is optional)

The game is not finished at all, it's an alpha, with little to no content and working features, but we need your help to make sure the game is going to be cool!

What's the purpose of this early alpha?

Getting feedback! Feel free to drop by the forum to comment on anything.

What's missing from the game?

This alpha is very very limited and has little to no content, here's what's missing:

  • Some translations are not complete or bugged (Chinese and Japanese will be added later)
  • Levels (current levels are only there for testing, there's no real content yet)
  • Scoring system (conditions to get all stars are not quite set)
  • Sounds and musics are mostly missing and not final
  • Online leaderboards (still not sure if we'll support it)
  • Level editor (there will be a workshop support!)
  • Introduction / ending / tutorial
  • A lot of polish and tweaking

What will I get from jumping into this alpha?

Everything! That means access to the alpha (inc. the game editor at some point) and future updates right now AND the full game when it releases (including a Steam key when it will be available).

When will the full game release?

We're shooting for a 2017 release. Other platforms are unknown for now.

Can I start streaming the game or posting videos of it?

Not yet. :/

We would like to wait for the game to be in beta.

Getting noticed is hard for game developers, and we would like the game to be in its best shape before anything about it is published publicly. We didn't announce the game publicly yet, so please keep it secret for now.


Buy Now4.99€ EUR or more

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